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Top new questions this week:

Learning a language without studying grammar

I'm more or less capable of explaining my thoughts in English and I've recently started learning Spanish. Of course, there's a bunch of various articles/videos/posts on how to do it. But one thing I ...

learning-methods self-learning online-learning informal-learning  
asked by MGMKLML 2 votes
answered by Tommi 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Repetition interval during initial learning within a day

I found that some words hard to recall after several minutes or on next day when learned them from flash cards. With longer period of time between recalls (5/10/60 min) and after working with another ...

learning-methods spaced-repetition  
asked by gavenkoa 10 votes
answered by michau 5 votes

How should I make flash cards for words with multiple meanings?

I am learning Danish as a foreign language using English as the "base". I am at the very beginning of it and I found using flashcards (with Anki) very useful. I have cards for both "directions", ...

asked by Robert F. 8 votes
answered by Tsundoku 5 votes

Anything similar to Duolingo for learning Tagalog?

I think the way Duolingo executes language learning is great. It's a really fun way to understand the basics/vocabulary and the gamification keeps you interested. Unfortunately, as most users have ...

resource-request online-learning electronic-resources tagalog  
asked by adriennetacke 11 votes
answered by user3492802 4 votes

How can I verify my pronunciation without a native speaker?

I've been learning Japanese for a short while, and it uses some sounds that aren't in my native language (English). (For example, the "r" sound, which has been described to me as a combination of "d", ...

learning-methods pronunciation self-learning  
asked by Hatchet 44 votes
answered by callyalater 27 votes

According to scientific research, which languages take the least time to learn for a native English speaker?

Basically what I'm just asking in the question's title. By learning a language, I mean being able to fluently speak it, understand it, write it, and read it. I would think French or German. Please ...

reference-request native-language  
asked by fi12 29 votes
answered by callyalater 23 votes

Are there any free apps or web sites for learning Hebrew?

I am looking for an app or website for learning basic/beginner Hebrew. Since it's a less common language, Duolingo and other common programs do not have a Hebrew version. I'm looking for a free ...

resource-request online-learning hebrew  
asked by LN6595 7 votes
answered by fi12 9 votes

Spanish-English downloadable dictionary

I'm looking for a Spanish - English downloadable dictionary, similar to CC-CEDICT for Chinese. CC-CEDICT is a continuation of the CEDICT project. The objective of the CEDICT project was to ...

resource-request dictionary spanish  
asked by Growler 4 votes
answered by Tsundoku 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

Vocabulary app for Dutch

I am looking for a mobile app or website that I can create personal vocabulary list for a Dutch. Among my searches in Google Play, I see several apps for language learning, but didn't find a good app ...

resource-request vocabulary electronic-resources dutch  
asked by mahmood 1 vote
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