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Top new questions this week:

For what academic levels are Hemingway's novels considered suitable reading

Note: The following is a "repost" of a question that originally appeared on Literature SE from one JohanL. The two LL SE moderators agreed that it was more suitable for this site, but it is too old to ...

asked by Tom Au 3 votes

Improving vocabulary reading foreign language literature on ebook readers, how to export selected vocabulary into a spaced repetition app?

For improving my vocabulary I read favourite novels and short stories, preferredly in the original (target) language. When my level isn't quite up to it, I read a translation (be that English or ...

learning-methods vocabulary chinese reading  
asked by raddaqii 2 votes
answered by Rex 0 votes

How to remember a big list of grammar rules?

So the language I'm learning has a lot of endings. A lot. The suffixes for verbs and persons change based off of the word ending, the pronoun used, the object even, it's complicated. What it boils ...

learning-methods grammar memorization  
asked by Featherball 1 vote
answered by Tommi 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Mnemonics for learning Hangul?

I have just started learning Korean in an online course and I'm looking for resources that use mnemonics for Hangul or Hangeul, so I can learn the writing system in less time. Are any such resources ...

writing-system electronic-resources korean physical-resources  
asked by Tsundoku 9 votes
answered by Tsundoku 5 votes

Have there been any studies into detrimental effects of language learning?

There have been many studies into the varied benefits of being bilingual, but things are rarely uniformly beneficial. Have there been any studies into whether or not there are detrimental effects to ...

reference-request multiple-languages bilingualism  
asked by Chris Sinclair 51 votes
answered by HDE 226868 38 votes

Can I understand 95 percent of CNN and talk show, movies, anything just in 3 years?

Can I understand 95 percent of CNN, talk shows, movies and anything? If I listen to English materials (podcasts and videos, …) for three years and I also listen to English materials for 3 hours every ...

english listening  
asked by Martin 18 votes
answered by AML 15 votes

How long between each HSK level for learning Mandarin?

A common question among language learners is how long will it take me to learn <insert language>?, and the usual answer, for a native English speaker, is to refer to the FSI list, which divides ...

chinese hsk  
asked by AML 4 votes
answered by Tsundoku 2 votes

What's the difference between Duolingo and Duolingo Kids?

I've recently come across "Duolingo Kids", an app designed for kids learning foreign languages. I tried finding information online about the difference between Duolingo and Duolingo Kids, but couldn't ...

electronic-resources duolingo  
asked by Andrew Grimm 3 votes
answered by Andrew Grimm 3 votes

How to remember words and improve my vocabulary

When trying to learn a new language I keep forgetting words, especially the adjectives. I think the main problem is that I don't use them at all and so after a bit I forget all the words that I don't ...

learning-methods self-learning vocabulary  
asked by Noemi 20 votes
answered by J. Siebeneichler 15 votes

Is it possible for an adult to learn a language without carrying a foreign accent?

As an adult, I'm working on learning French, coming from a background growing up speaking a few languages natively. According to French friends of mine I practice with, I have a "good" accent, but ...

native-language accent-reduction  
asked by TheEnvironmentalist 16 votes
answered by fi12 10 votes
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