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How can I prevent myself from forgetting a language?

Many people forget languages entirely after enough time. I've become fluent in Spanish, but I haven't used it in over a year, and most of my family and friends don't speak it fluently. With all the ...

learning-methods self-learning effectiveness multiple-languages reacquisition  
asked by Sir Cumference Score of 59
answered by Hatchet Score of 45

What are estimates of vocabulary size for each CEFR level?

The CEFR does not specify a vocabulary list or a vocabulary size for each level. I could find one scientific article attempting this mapping (research paper of Milton J and T. Alexiou (2009), ...

vocabulary cefr  
asked by YAG Score of 33
answered by fi12 Score of 19

How can I learn IPA?

There are many resources that I wish I could use, but can't, because I don't understand the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) fluently. I constantly need to refer to a table of characters, and I'm ...

pronunciation linguistics ipa  
asked by Numeri Score of 18
answered by NNOX Apps Score of 11

Modern Hebrew before Biblical Hebrew?

I have heard it said more than once that there are advantages to gaining a basic fluency in Modern Hebrew before attempting Biblical Hebrew. Getting comfortable with text decoding, basic vocabulary, ...

learning-methods hebrew  
asked by Hashamyim Score of 12
answered by GuyC Score of 8

Is it possible to learn B1-level German in 3 months?

I realize this may be a potential duplicate, but a quick look through the "Questions that may already have your question" didn't pop up anything. I am hoping to participate as part of the Fulbright ...

learning-methods german  
asked by dddxxx Score of 8
answered by Tsundoku Score of 3

What are the main arguments for and against the critical period hypothesis, and what are alternative explanations?

Why is the critical period hypothesis so heavily disputed, yet widely accepted; what are its major strengths and weaknesses; what other explanations exist for the perceived "critical period", if it ...

asked by Hatchet Score of 13
answered by michau Score of 9

Graded readers for Italian?

Extensive reading or reading for pleasure is an excellent way of getting a lot of "comprehensible input" in a foreign language. Graded readers provide this type of comprehensible input. Are there ...

electronic-resources physical-resources graded-readers italian  
asked by Tsundoku Score of 2
answered by mondegreen dispenser Score of 6
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