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What resources exist for learning Fuzhounese?

For a long time now, I've been attempting to learn Fuzhounese, a specific dialect of Chinese spoken in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. However, I've found very few resources. All I have found is ...

resource-request chinese  
asked by Abhijay Eshwar 12 votes
answered by fi12 5 votes

Does dreaming in the target language speed up the learning process?

If so, is there a way to "learn" how to dream in another language? For example would thinking in 'language X' for one hour before going to bed help? Or does dreaming in another language only occur ...

learning-methods self-learning beneficial-effects  
asked by user28332 19 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 9 votes

How can I learn to read and write Spanish in Aljamiado (Arabic) characters?

The Spanish language has a Arabic orthography due to hundreds of years of Moorish rule. How can I learn to read and write Spanish in these characters, assuming that I can already read and write modern ...

resource-request writing-system spanish romance-languages arabic  
asked by Columbia says Reinstate Monica 8 votes
answered by J. Siebeneichler 6 votes

French Grammar Book B1/B2

Salut! My French is currently around level B1+ and I'm planning on spending 2-3 months in a French-speaking country and fully commit myself to improving my abilities. The goal is to have quite good ...

resource-request grammar french  
asked by hlzl 9 votes

Repetition interval during initial learning within a day

I found that some words hard to recall after several minutes or on next day when learned them from flash cards. With longer period of time between recalls (5/10/60 min) and after working with another ...

learning-methods spaced-repetition  
asked by gavenkoa 9 votes

What are the main arguments for and against the critical period hypothesis, and what are alternative explanations?

Why is the critical period hypothesis so heavily disputed, yet widely accepted; what are its major strengths and weaknesses; what other explanations exist for the perceived "critical period", if it ...

asked by Hatchet 13 votes
answered by michau 9 votes

How to maintain three foreign languages (polyglot)?

For the sake of this question, assume that you have reached CEFR level B2 (basic fluency) or higher in four languages (one of which is your L1). What sort of daily/weekly techniques and time ...

asked by AML 10 votes
answered by AModHasNoName 8 votes
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