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Top new questions this week:

What are the different sanskrit exams like tritiya, bhartiya and vidya bhawan?

I have studied sanskrit till 10th class. I am right now in my final year of graduation pursuing dentistry. I again want to get in touch with sanskrit language. Hence I am planning to appear for ...

exams sanskrit  
asked by Ojasvi 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I verify my pronunciation without a native speaker?

I've been learning Japanese for a short while, and it uses some sounds that aren't in my native language (English). (For example, the "r" sound, which has been described to me as a combination of "d", ...

learning-methods pronunciation self-learning  
asked by Hatchet 44 votes
answered by callyalater 28 votes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct methods (using only the target language)?

Native speakers do not learn their native language with the help of an other language. Maybe direct methods are better to reach similar level of proficiency. But books that use a direct method are ...

direct-method teaching-methods  
asked by Vanege 18 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 8 votes

How can I learn to read and write Spanish in Aljamiado (Arabic) characters?

The Spanish language has a Arabic orthography due to hundreds of years of Moorish rule. How can I learn to read and write Spanish in these characters, assuming that I can already read and write modern ...

resource-request writing-system spanish romance-languages arabic  
asked by Robert Columbia 8 votes
answered by J. Siebeneichler 6 votes

What skills does reading aloud improve?

Have there been any studies about the benefits of reading aloud for language acquisition?

reference-request reading  
asked by Muzaffar 15 votes
answered by fi12 12 votes

Which language is most similar to Esperanto?

I'm just curious about which languages Esperanto is closest to, in order to know for whom it would be easiest to learn this language! For example, could a Spanish speaker learn it more quickly than a ...

esperanto language-comparison  
asked by Noel 35 votes
answered by Alexander Galkin 41 votes

Which version of the Arabic keyboard on Windows 10 is most like Modern Standard Arabic?

I tried to install the Arabic keyboard on my Windows 10 laptop, but I've realised that there are over a dozen keyboards for different varieties of Arabic. I'm just trying to learn MSA, not a specific ...

arabic keyboard-layout  
asked by Lou 9 votes
answered by Medi1Saif 4 votes

Is the online role-playing game Cantr II much use for language learning?

A web game called Cantr II (or just Cantr) is not like many web based games: it's text-based, very slow paced, and there's no official "goal"---you just interact with other characters. The idea is to ...

asked by Rebecca J. Stones 8 votes
answered by Joshua M 4 votes
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