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Top new questions this week:

What is the optimal order in which to learn languages?

The general principle of this question is "If you could only speak n languages, which languages would those be to maximize the number of people that you could speak to?" For example, if n = ...

asked by Jack 1 vote
answered by Reza Ahmadi 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How did Celine Dion learn to sing in perfect English?

Celine Dion is from Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking province in Canada. English is not her native language, yet in her songs her English is perfect. Is this because she grew up speaking the ...

english native-language informal-learning  
asked by Undefined Variable 5 votes
answered by oldabl 2 votes

What advantages, if any, are there for learning the IPA when studying a language with phonetic spelling?

The IPA provides a standard, unambiguous way of writing the pronunciation of words, which can be quite helpful when learning a language like English, which has very irregular spelling (with respect to ...

pronunciation phonetics ipa  
asked by Flimzy 14 votes
answered by Tsundoku 9 votes

How did Cardinal Mezzofanti learn foreign languages?

Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti (1774-1849) was an Italian cardinal who also became famous for his language skills. According to his biographer Charles William Russell, he spoke at least 30 languages very ...

learning-methods self-learning history  
asked by Tsundoku 12 votes
answered by Noemi 7 votes

Is the “T-Coding Method” a reliable method to learn vocabulary?

In Iran someone named "Mr Taraghghi" has imported a method for learning English vocabulary called "Vocabulary Coding" for Persian native speakers that works like this example: Consider the word "...

learning-methods vocabulary mnemonics  
asked by SirSaleh 13 votes
answered by Tsundoku 13 votes

How to study to reach level B2 in German on my own?

I have reached level B1 in German with a teacher, but my finances do not allow to continue in the same way. How could I continue learning on my own to reach level B2 (in the CEFR) through internet ...

self-learning online-learning german  
asked by Hussien Chahin 5 votes
answered by David Mike 3 votes

What is the Pimsleur method?

I have trouble finding a good explanation of what the Pimsleur method is and why it works, if it does. So: What is the method and why does it work?

teaching-methods pimsleur-courses  
asked by Tommi 11 votes
answered by Vitaly 9 votes

How can I verify my pronunciation without a native speaker?

I've been learning Japanese for a short while, and it uses some sounds that aren't in my native language (English). (For example, the "r" sound, which has been described to me as a combination of "d", ...

learning-methods pronunciation self-learning  
asked by Hatchet 44 votes
answered by callyalater 28 votes

Can you answer this question?

How could I most efficiently get myself up to decently literate/articulate level in Hindi as an L1 Marathi speaker?

I speak Marathi natively, but being born and raised in the US, I haven't been exposed to Hindi very much, if at all. What kinds of resources or approaches to learning ought I to use when learning ...

hindi marathi  
asked by Reza Ahmadi 1 vote
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