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What are the most common languages among people who DON'T speak English?

My aim in language learning is to communicate with the most people. I want to learn a new language and thought to learn Mandarin Chinese, because it's the most common language. But I figured if a lot ...

english language-comparison  
user avatar asked by Chimaera Phantasma Score of 20
user avatar answered by Alexander Galkin Score of 11

How can I describe my language proficiency in an internationally recognized way?

I speak three languages to varying degrees of fluency. English is my native language. "Native fluency" is pretty easy to describe. I speak Spanish fluently, among friends and family, and in ...

proficiency certifications cefr  
user avatar asked by Flimzy Score of 31
user avatar answered by fi12 Score of 26

What are the main foreign language teaching methods?

Recently I have been wondering what methods and techniques for learning and teaching foreign languages exist. My quest is to re-evaluate my views on foreign language acquisition, and maybe make some ...

user avatar asked by J.Past Score of 25
user avatar answered by Anthony Pham Score of 25

Can one become fluent in a language without studying it formally?

I ask myself if it's possible become fluent in a language without studying it. When you are 1/2 years old, you learn a language without studying it. You need just to listen and listen. So, is it ...

immersion informal-learning  
user avatar asked by Skxrda Score of 28
user avatar answered by Charlotte SL Score of 30

How to study to reach level B2 in German on my own?

I have reached level B1 in German with a teacher, but my finances do not allow to continue in the same way. How could I continue learning on my own to reach level B2 (in the CEFR) through internet ...

self-learning online-learning german  
user avatar asked by Hussien Chahin Score of 5
user avatar answered by David Mike Score of 3

How can I estimate my proficiency level (A1-C2)?

How can I find out what my CEFR1 proficiency level in a language is, without going to a testing center and paying to take a test? Are there any good resources (free tests, online tests, etc.) or ...

proficiency cefr  
user avatar asked by Numeri Score of 45
user avatar answered by None Score of 40

What is the Representational Deficit Hypothesis?

I've been reading about second language acquisition, and I've come across the Representational Deficit Hypothesis (also known as the Failed Functional Features Hypothesis). What is it? And where can I ...

reference-request theory  
user avatar asked by Azor Ahai -him- Score of 10
user avatar answered by Azor Ahai -him- Score of 6

Can you answer this question?

Software for Windows and/or Android that has built in dictionary when reading PDF's

Is there any type of pdf(possibly others) readers that can translate in real time and/or have dictionary access to look up unknown words? E.g., if I want to read a book in Latin it would be nice if I ...

user avatar asked by user14448 Score of 1
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