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Is it more difficult for a native Chinese speaker to learn English, or vice versa?

I am a native Chinese speaker, and it was an excruciating journey for me to learn English. My personal belief is that the reason lies in the linguistics, namely the Chinese language may be somewhat ...

english chinese native-language linguistics  
user avatar asked by zytsang Score of 4
user avatar answered by Evelyn Score of 4

How to maintain three foreign languages (polyglot)?

For the sake of this question, assume that you have reached CEFR level B2 (basic fluency) or higher in four languages (one of which is your L1). What sort of daily/weekly techniques and time ...

user avatar asked by AML Score of 12
user avatar answered by Tsundoku Score of 12

Which version of the Arabic keyboard on Windows 10 is most like Modern Standard Arabic?

I tried to install the Arabic keyboard on my Windows 10 laptop, but I've realised that there are over a dozen keyboards for different varieties of Arabic. I'm just trying to learn MSA, not a specific ...

arabic keyboard-layout  
user avatar asked by Lou Score of 13
user avatar answered by Medi1Saif Score of 7

What are the benefits of intensive reading?

As a corollary to this question, what are the benefits of intensive reading for acquiring a second language? A reference paper would be nice but is not required. Intensive reading refers to reading ...

reference-request reading effectiveness  
user avatar asked by AML Score of 8
user avatar answered by shabunc Score of 4

What resources are there for learning Toki Pona?

I recently started using Memrise to learn Toki Pona, because I find that language to be very interesting. Memrise is indeed useful regarding vocabulary, but I think it is not enough. Are there other ...

vocabulary grammar online-learning dictionary constructed-languages  
user avatar asked by jsksp Score of 19
user avatar answered by kristan Score of 17

Why do experts recommend learning Esperanto?

As a constructed language, Esperanto isn't spoken natively by anyone. Yet some linguists, language teachers, and SLA advocates encourage learning Esperanto. Why? What are the primary reasons that ...

esperanto constructed-languages  
user avatar asked by Flimzy Score of 29
user avatar answered by TRiG Score of 35

Open-source English-French Dictionary

I'm looking for an English to French dictionary in a plain text file (.txt for example). I already found some dictionaries but a lot of definitions are wrong or incomplete: know; savons, sache, ...

resource-request dictionary electronic-resources english french  
user avatar asked by latmos Score of 11
user avatar answered by Flimzy Score of 12
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