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Top new questions this week:

Resources for teaching children Chinese

My nine-year-old son is bilingual English/French (British father, French mother) and absolutely devours books for his age in both languages (ie his reading age in both languages seems roughly equal), ...

resource-request chinese children simultaneous-bilingualism  
asked by Rich 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any software for minimal-pair training?

Gabriel Wyner, in his book Fluent Forever, stresses the importance of minimal pair training early in the language learning process. He summarizes the research behind this suggestion in this video. ...

anki resource-request minimal-pairs  
asked by Flimzy 17 votes
answered by gregorias 7 votes

Learning through videos: what makes a video easy to understand for learners?

How can you tell if a video is easy to understand for learners? What are the important factors for a video to be easy? I guess slow and clear pronunciation is important. But also the usage of common ...

learning-methods listening  
asked by Vanege 14 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 5 votes

How can I verify my pronunciation without a native speaker?

I've been learning Japanese for a short while, and it uses some sounds that aren't in my native language (English). (For example, the "r" sound, which has been described to me as a combination of "d", ...

learning-methods pronunciation self-learning  
asked by Hatchet 42 votes
answered by callyalater 26 votes

HSK3 written test - what to expect and how to prepare?

It would be useful for beginner Mandarin learners, who want to eventually take the HSK exam(s), to hear success stories and HSK-specific advice. If you have passed the HSK Level 3 written test ...

chinese certifications hsk  
asked by AML 5 votes
answered by IkWeetHetOokNiet 2 votes

Best way to learn Hebrew verb conjugations?

I am attempting to teach myself Biblical Hebrew, and I have lately been memorizing the verb conjugations for strong verbs. I have found this chart extremely helpful in my endeavor. Through the help ...

memorization hebrew  
asked by Pascal's Wager 11 votes
answered by b a 4 votes

Does forcing students to speak English in school affect the students' knowledge of their native language?

In places where I live some private institutions are forcing students (of age 6 to 17) to speak only in English, regardless of their native language. This restriction is not only placed in English ...

learning-methods native-language forced-learning  
asked by Kolappan N 13 votes
answered by fi12 3 votes

What resources are there for learning Toki Pona?

I recently started using Memrise to learn Toki Pona, because I find that language to be very interesting. Memrise is indeed useful regarding vocabulary, but I think it is not enough. Are there other ...

vocabulary grammar online-learning dictionary constructed-languages  
asked by jsksp 18 votes

Can you answer this question?

Source for physical instructions to pronounce Danish vowels and consonants?

I am trying to learn Danish, and I cannot find any instructions on the physical movements necessary to make Danish vowels and consonants. I can find plenty of sources that say this or that letter ...

pronunciation danish  
asked by ichabod 1 vote
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