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Top new questions this week:

Sanskrit learning

I want to learn Sanskrit using the direct method. I'm looking for the book similar to Latin Lingua Latina per se illustrata by Hans Orberg, where you basically learn Latin using the target language, ...

direct-method sanskrit  
asked by Dachi Pachulia 3 votes
answered by Jenny 0 votes

Fairly big (passive) vocabulary but awkward sentences (English)

English is my SL. I posses a fairly decent vocabulary, but the sentences I produce in everyday interactions tend to be a bit awkward. My sentences are unnatural, I say things that normally you would ...

english grammar speaking  
asked by William 1 vote
answered by Jenny 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What resources are there for learning Toki Pona?

I recently started using Memrise to learn Toki Pona, because I find that language to be very interesting. Memrise is indeed useful regarding vocabulary, but I think it is not enough. Are there other ...

vocabulary grammar online-learning dictionary constructed-languages  
asked by jsksp 19 votes
answered by kristan 17 votes

Graded readers for Japanese?

As several other questions already mentioned, graded readers are a good resources for extensive reading, at least for people who are not yet sufficiently proficient to read texts written for native ...

reading japanese physical-resources graded-readers  
asked by Tsundoku 15 votes
answered by Tsundoku 12 votes

Learning through videos: what makes a video easy to understand for learners?

How can you tell if a video is easy to understand for learners? What are the important factors for a video to be easy? I guess slow and clear pronunciation is important. But also the usage of common ...

learning-methods listening  
asked by Vanege 14 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 5 votes

What is the Representational Deficit Hypothesis?

I've been reading about second language acquisition, and I've come across the Representational Deficit Hypothesis (also known as the Failed Functional Features Hypothesis). What is it? And where can I ...

reference-request theory  
asked by Azor Ahai -him- 10 votes
answered by Azor Ahai -him- 6 votes

Is there any software for minimal-pair training?

Gabriel Wyner, in his book Fluent Forever, stresses the importance of minimal pair training early in the language learning process. He summarizes the research behind this suggestion in this video. ...

anki resource-request minimal-pairs  
asked by Flimzy 18 votes
answered by gregorias 9 votes

How can I expand my active vocabulary in a foreign language?

I’ve been learning a foreign language for 5 years. Now, I easily understand everything I read, I know lots of words and everything seems to be alright, but I still have a problem. My active vocabulary ...

learning-methods self-learning vocabulary  
asked by Victoria Dove 20 votes
answered by janos 11 votes

Next Step After Duolingo

I took four college semesters of Spanish decades ago and have been doing Duoling exercises twice a day now for over 530 days. I long ago completed all the lessons and started doing refresh lessons in ...

asked by curt 8 votes
answered by fi12 6 votes
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